Buy the Moderate Balance WorksheetThese general balance exercises are simple, but effective in helping to regain balance and stability throughout the body. This balance routine is performed in real-time so it’s easy to follow along. This balance routine is Day 10 in my Moderate 10-Day Whole Body Wellness Challenge.

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For this balance routine you will need a chair or be by your countertop to hold onto for balance if needed. Also give yourself a little bit of room to move around.

For the warm up, let’s start with marching, trunk rotation, hamstring curls, and heel raises to get the muscles moving.

Starting with some static balance exercises, Romberg with head turns side to side, Romberg with head up and down, tandem stance, and single leg balance will help with your ankle, knee, and hip strength and stability.

Now putting some movement into the balance with single leg stance with a twist, single leg balance and reach, hopping side to side, and single leg heel raises will challenge the stabilizer muscles even more.

Finally, marching in place, standing hip flexion/extension with speed, and walking on your toes will give those muscles an extra burn!

Congratulations on finishing Day 10 of the Moderate Whole Body Wellness Challenge. You did it!

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