While this is not an official yoga routine, and I’m not a yoga instructor (so some of the poses may not be exact), many yoga poses are similar to physical therapy, so hopefully this video will help you de-stress.

I like to start off with some deep breathing to get the blood flowing. You can do 3-5 deep breaths breathing in through your nose and out through pursed lips.

Make sure you are breathing deeply with all the exercises. Then slowly roll over onto all fours, or quadruped and do a cat/dog or cat/cow. Next you can go back onto your feet into a child’s pose or prayer stretch.

Now you can go into an upward dog or if that is too much, you can do a cobra stretch. Then push up into a downward dog. If you want to pedal your feet you can.

Kick your leg out, and pull it through going into warrior one, then out to warrior two. Next lean back and stretch into reverse warrior. Come back down into downward dog, and then repeat on the other side.

From there, go back into downward dog, and then right into child’s pose again. Gently roll over into a long sit so you can roll down into a hamstring and back stretch.

Finally lie all the way down, and go into a supine butterfly stretch. Then finish with the corpse pose.

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