These advanced balance exercises may seem simple, but they can be pretty tough, so make sure you have something to hold on to if you need it.

These balance exercises are going to be performed on a half foam roll. If you don’t have one, you can roll up a big beach towel, and use it as your roll.

Perform each of these balance exercises with the both the flat end down and the flat end up if you have a half foam roll. Each side will work your balancer muscles differently. Make sure to hold onto something if you need to when first starting out.

These all will get progressively harder. Start off with a Romberg Stance. This is when you stand with your feet as close together as you can get them. Then you will do a tandem stance where one foot is in front of the other. Make sure to switch feet with this one.

Now you will start having some movement on the foam roll. Start off with clasping your arms in front of you and twisting side to side. Then you will go into a squat, and finally with these you will squat and reach down to the opposite knee or shin.

Finally you will do some single leg activities. The first one is just a single leg stance, and finally you will do a single leg stance with hip flexion.

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