These scoliosis stretches are for postural scoliosis that can come from bad posture or a leg length difference. If you’ve had scoliosis since you were young, these stretches may not help.

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine. It can happen when you are young, or it can happen when you are older and have bad posture or a leg length difference. This can cause the muscles on one side of the back to be tight and/or the muscles on the opposite side to be too weak. These stretches are for postural scoliosis.

Start off sitting in a chair. You can stretch just the side that is tight, or you can stretch both sides. Stretching the quadratus lumborum (QL) helps relax the muscles on the side of the spine.

You can also do an active stretch, which is moving your whole trunk and arms while rotating. This is also a great way to stretch the trunk muscles. Roll downs help get the muscles close to the spine stretched out.

The next stretches are on the floor. If you can’t get on the floor, you can do them on your couch or bed. Stretches like the cat/dog, way the tail, prayer, and side to side prayer stretch will help loosen up the muscles in the back and around the spine.

Some of the final stretches are a little more intense, so make sure you are ready to stretch that much before trying them.

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