Dead butt syndrome, or gluteal amnesia may sound funny, but, it’s a real thing. It can happen to people who sit a lot, but also to athletes and weekend warriors. Dead butt syndrome can lead to back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and even ankle pain.

Dead butt syndrome develops when the gluteus medius muscle doesn’t fire correctly. This is one of the three main muscles in the butt, so if it’s not working properly, it can cause a lot of problems because the gluteus medius helps stabilize the pelvis and helps us walk correctly.

Here are some exercises that focus on the gluteus medius and the pelvic area in general.

The first exercise is a clamshell exercise. This is a great way to strengthen the gluteus medius and maximus as well as strengthening the hip in general.

The next exercise is a sidelying hip abduction exercise. This is not only great for the gluteus medius, it’s also great for the IT band and strengthening the knee.

Then you will do a horse kick, or I like to call a sidelying bicycle. This really helps stabilize the hip and work the muscles.

The last one lying down is a side plank with a hip drop. This is not only great for your hips, but it’s also great for your core as well.

Now standing on a step, you will do a hip hike. This helps prevent the hip from dropping when walking, which is a sign of a weak gluteus medius.

The last one is a single leg squat with an opposite side reach. This one can be tough, but it will strengthen your gluts, hamstrings, quad muscles, and all those small stabilizer muscles around the hips.

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