Buy the Golfer's Elbow WorksheetGolfer’s elbow, or medial epicondylitis, is an inflammation on the inside of the elbow. It often comes from an overuse injury. This video shows you my favorite stretches & exercises for golfer’s elbow.

Soft tissue mobilization (STM) can be very beneficial for golfer’s elbow. This is not rubbing the area, but you are actually mobilizing or moving the tissue around to help break up adhesions and scar tissue.

Next stretching the inside and outside of the elbow helps. Wrist flexor stretches and wrist extensor stretches will help loosen up the area. Stretches in general can be done with a 30 second hold, 3 times.

Then working on AROM and strengthening for wrist flexion, radial/ulnar deviation, and pronation/supination will help decrease the inflammation and improve motion.

Finally bicep curls are a great way to strengthen the muscles as well.

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