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Knee range of motion often declines after knee injuries & surgeries like knee scopes, total knee replacement, or ACL repairs. These can help get your knee range of motion back. 

One great way to gain knee flexion or knee bending is heel slides. When you do these lying down, you can use a strap to help get more motion. For knee extension or straightening, you can prop it up on something small, and try to relax your body. Gravity will help get the motion back.

Quad strengthening will also help with knee extension, and quad sets are a great way to do this. You can also use an EMS unit to help retrain your muscles when they might not be firing like they are suppose to do. The folks at Massage Therapy Concepts sent me their TENS/EMS unit. It’s great to have a combination of both because you can use the EMS to strengthen and retrain the muscles, and you can use the TENS for pain control while you are working on your motion.

Seated heel slides with a toe tap do a great job of gaining knee flexion. Knee props in sitting and using a weight does a great job of gaining knee extension.

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