These Leg & Hip Active Range of Motion Exercises are a great way to help get back the range of motion in your legs and hips after a surgery or injury.

Start off seated in a chair with your back nice and straight. Bring your knee straight up in the air, but try not to lean back when you do this. Bring your leg back down.

Then you will do knee extensions kicking straight out. Try to get your knee as straight as you can. Pulling up your toes at the end helps lock out your knee.

Now you are going to do a heel raise by lifting your heel off the ground while keeping your toes on the ground. Next, you will do toe raises, bringing the toes off the ground with the heel on the ground.

For hip abduction, roll your knees out and bring them back in, almost like a clamshell. Finally, you will do hip adduction. If you need a target, you can put a pillow or something soft between your legs and squeeze in.