Buy the Meniscus Tear WorksheetA meniscus or meniscal tear is a common knee injury. More research is showing that in many cases, recovery with proper stretches & exercises can be just as effective as, if not better than, surgery.

A meniscus tear can be acute or chronic. The meniscus is cartilage in the knee that is in the shape of a C.  It keeps the knee stable and absorbs impact at the knee joint. The knee has a medial and lateral meniscus.

Here are some stretches & exercises that may help with a meniscus tear.

Starting with stretches will help loosen up the muscles. A calf stretch, hamstring stretch, and quad stretch will take pressure off the knee and meniscus.

Then some exercises will help strengthen the muscles. Quad sets and hamstring sets are great isometric exercises to get started. Then prone hip extension and clamshells will work the muscles in the knee and the hip.

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