Buy shoulder impingement worksheetShoulder impingement is a general term for inflammation in the shoulder between the scapula (shoulder blade) and the rotator cuff, and it often comes from bad posture.

When shoulder impingement comes from poor posture, it’s often because we are lifting and rolling our shoulders forward. These stretches and exercises may help.

Starting off with a simple shoulder or scapular squeeze will help stretch the chest area and strengthen the upper back area.

Next, a levator scapulae stretch is a great way to relax the muscle that gets overworked when we are stressed.

Seated Ts will also help open up the chest and work the upper back muscles as well. A thoracic side bend will help stretch out the latissimus (lats) muscle which can cause pressure on the scapula when tight.

Finally, getting on all fours or in quadruped, a cat/cow or cat/dog and a prayer stretch (child’s pose) at an angle will also help stretch the upper back and lat area.

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