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These general shoulder pain stretches & exercises can help relieve shoulder pain and tightness. If you’ve had a surgery or are on precautions, these might not be right for you.

Starting off with some easier shoulder stretches and exercises will help loosen up the shoulder area and decrease the pain. Pendulums, scapular squeezes, and shoulder circles do a great job of getting the muscles moving, but in a fairly pain free way.

Another shoulder pain treatment is using a TENS unit. The folks at Easy @ Home sent me their EHE009 TENS Unit. What’s great about a TENS unit is you can use it while exercising to help control the pain.

The next shoulder exercises are a little tougher, and they focus on some of the muscles around the scapula. Since there are so many muscles that attach to the scapula, if it’s not working correctly, it can cause a lot of shoulder pain.

The last exercises are lat pulldowns/squeezes, snow angels, and plank plus, and they are great scapular stabilization exercises.

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