Buy Shoulder Tendonitis WorksheetShoulder exercises are great for shoulder tendonitis pain relief. This inflammation to the tendons in your shoulder can be the rotator cuff tendons or even the biceps or triceps tendons. There doesn’t always have to be inflammation with the pain, and this is called rotator cuff tendinopathy.

Shoulder tendonitis treatment can be strengthening with and without weights or resistive bands. The first set of exercises can be classified as an exercise or a stretch. Pendulums are very important in any shoulder injury. You can do these with a weight or without a weight.

Shoulder shrugs and shoulder squeezes can be done without a weight or band, but you can add them in later if they become easy. These help strengthen the upper traps and rhomboid muscles.

Resistive bands are a great way to strengthen the shoulder, but make sure you get the right resistance for you. Shoulder external rotation, shoulder flexion, shoulder extension, shoulder abduction, and shoulder scaption work the whole shoulder to help reset the muscles and keep them strong.

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