Buy Shoulder Tendonitis WorksheetShoulder stretches are great for shoulder tendonitis which is basically an inflammation to the tendons in your shoulder. This can be the rotator cuff tendons or even the biceps or triceps tendons. There doesn’t always have to be inflammation with the pain, and this is called rotator cuff tendinopathy. Shoulder tendonitis stretches can help ease the pain in the shoulder.

Shoulder tendonitis treatment involves stretching and exercising the shoulder.  The first set of stretches can be classified as an exercise or a stretch.  Pendulums are very important in any shoulder injury. You can do these with a weight or without a weight.

Using a wall to support your arm is a great way to stretch your shoulder.  You can do wall slides into shoulder flexion, scaption, and abduction.  You can also use a corner to stretch your chest or pec muscles.

Another great way to improve shoulder motion is by using a stick or cane to help stretch the shoulder.  By moving it with the “good side” you can get a good overall stretch. You can use this for shoulder flexion, shoulder abduction, and shoulder external rotation.

The last stretch is usually the toughest and hardest to get back.  Shoulder internal rotation is very important to reach behind and up our back.  You can use a belt or strap to help with the stretch.

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