Tailbone (or coccyx) pain can be caused by things like childbirth, a fall/trauma, or even prolonged sitting. Doctor Jen, a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, is here with some great stretches to help reduce tailbone pain.

Starting off in quadruped or all fours, a cat/cow, cat/camel, or cat/dog is a great way to get the tailbone area moving. Also, lateral tilts in this position, or wagging the tail, will help loosen up the area as well. Focus on the pelvic movements with these.

These can also be done lying down on your back or in a hooklying position. Then doing a wide leg double knee to chest really helps open up the pelvic floor area. If you have good flexibility, the happy baby pose can be used for an even deeper stretch.

Finally, a deep squat in a wide leg position will also help. If you need to hold onto a sturdy chair or wall, make sure you do so to keep your balance.

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