Buy TFCC WorksheetHere are some simple exercises and stretches to help if you have a TFCC injury, tear, or have had repair surgery in this area at your wrist on the ulnar side.

First start with stretching your wrist. Go gently first, bend your wrist down into flexion. Then bend your wrist up into extension. Then you can turn your hand with the thumb up, and bend up and down into wrist radial and ulnar deviation. Do this 10 times each way. You can use your other hand for some overpressure if you need more of a stretch. Hold each for 30 seconds and do 3 each way.

The next range of motion exercises are for supination and pronation. Bend your elbow to 90 degrees, and keep it by your side so you are getting the movement only at your wrist and elbow. Turn your wrist palm up for supination and palm down for pronation.  If you need a little overpressure, you can use a hammer. The heavy end will help your wrist rotate further.

For the strengthening you can use a can of soup or vegetables, but we will use a resistive band today. Hold the band and bend your wrist up and down, first with your palm down and then up (extension and flexion), then turn your wrist so your thumb is facing up, and go up and down (radial deviation). Try 10 each way, and then work your way up as you get stronger. If you get to 20-25 easily, you can get a stronger band.

Finally, you can roll up a towel and squeeze it in your hand. Hold the squeeze for about 3 seconds and do it 10 times.  If that gets easy, you can use a tennis ball.