Buy Back Pain WorksheetWhen you are in a hurry and you only have a few minutes to stretch out your back, try these three simple back pain stretches. These will help anything from general back pain, back strain, back sprain, or stiffness.

The first stretch is a cat stretch. You will get on all fours, or quadruped. The cat stretch is performed by tucking your chin in and arching your back. You can hold this for 30 seconds and do it three times. The second stretch is the prayer stretch. Bring your butt back onto your heels, and keep your arms straight out. Relax your head down to the ground. The third and last stretch is prone pushups or props. Get on your stomach in prone. This will help you stretch your spine into extension. You can prop up on your elbows and hold it for a few minutes. If that is not enough stretch, you can push up onto your hands, but try to keep your hips on the ground as shown in the video to maximize the stretch in your lower back.