Using a walker on stairs or steps can be a scary thought. The key is to take your time and make sure the walker is stable before taking each step. This video shows you how use a walker on stairs safely. 

When using a walker, any time you can use a ramp, you want to do so. If there is no ramp, try to find a rail or someone to help support you and take your time on the steps.

The same rule applies for using a walker on stairs as any assistive device. If you have a “bad” side, you want to go up with your good leg, and down with your bad leg.

When you get to the steps, hold onto the rail so you can turn the walker to the side away from the rail. Once you feel steady, bring the legs closest to the steps up to the next step right into the corner. Check to make sure the walker is stable before stepping up. It might take longer, but go slow and be safe!

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