Buy the Moderate Wrist Hand WorksheetThese wrist / hand stretches & exercises are simple, but effective in helping to strengthen the wrists/hands and relieve pain. This wrist/hand routine is performed in real-time so it’s easy to follow. This wrist/hand routine is Day 7 in my Moderate 10-Day Whole Body Wellness Challenge.

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These wrist / hand stretches & exercises are also great for helping to decrease tightness and improve overall flexibility in the wrists and hands. They are not only great for the wrist and hand, but they are also great for the elbow.

For this routine, you will need a resistive band.

Let’s begin with a quick 2 minute warm up to help get the wrist and hand muscles loose and ready to go. Arm circles, wrist flexion and extension, and hand open and closing will help the muscles get ready for the routine.

Starting off with seated resistive band exercises are a great way to get the muscles moving. Wrist flexion, extension, radial deviation, and ulnar deviation with a band will help activate the muscles around the wrist, hand, and elbow to improve stability and decrease pain.

Then going into some full stretches with a wrist flexor stretch and wrist extensor stretch will really help improve motion and decrease tight muscles.

Next are some hand and finger exercises. Finger strengthening with a rubber band and a towel squeeze will help the smaller finger muscles get stronger.

Finally, standing bicep curls and tricep kickbacks are great exercises to work the muscles you have just lengthened and loosened up.

Congratulations on finishing Day 7 of the Moderate Whole Body Wellness Challenge. See you back here for Day 8!

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