A winged scapula or scapular winging is when the shoulder blade (scapula) wings out from the ribcage (the side closest to the spine) due to weakness from muscles or nerve damage. These stretches & exercises should help.

A winged scapula can cause issues with stability and overall function of the shoulder. Stretching and exercising muscles that attach to the scapula should help, especially the serratus anterior muscle.

Start with stretching: rhomboid stretches in long sitting, levator scapulae stretches, latissimus stretches, subscapularis stretches, pec/chest stretches will help loosen up the area to help with function.

Then, strengthening the muscles will help correct imbalances. Serratus punches, modified push up plus, bear hugs with a band, and serratus punches with band should help regain stability in the scapula.

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