Buy this worksheet.Cervical radiculopathy, aka a pinched nerve in the neck, is basically when the nerve coming out of the spine gets irritated at the nerve root. This can cause pain & weakness going down into the arm. These simple stretches & exercises may help relieve cervical radiculopathy pain.

Chin tucks and double chin tucks (for the deep flexor muscles) are a great way to not only stretch the cervical or neck muscles, but also strengthen them as well. These can help reset the muscles for better posture as well.

Isometric exercises like cervical sidebend and cervical rotation help strengthen the neck muscles without making big movements that can often cause pain.

Cervical rotation to the opposite side does a great job of opening up the spaces where the nerves come out to take pressure off the nerves. SNAGs stretching does a great job of this as well.

Shoulder squeezes are another great exercise to help improve your posture which can help take pressure of the cervical spine that might be causing a pinched nerve.

Finally, a modified nerve glide can help free up the nerve and improve circulation to get rid of the inflammation around the nerve root.

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